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Alejandro Tkaczevski, DMA, composer, pianist

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Learning music helps build character, discipline, sensitivity, and confidence. His teaching method includes technique, theory, and performance in classical and modern music.   

Dr. Tkaczevski has many years' experience teaching children and adults.   He is currently accepting new piano students in the Peterborough, NH area.

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Catalog of Music by Alejandro Tkaczevski

You Tube videos and PDF downloads of sheet music are here!

A page of Tkaczevski's original composition manuscript

Commission original music

Alejandro Tkaczevski, DMA, Stanford University, is a composer of music for performance, video games, and film. 

You can request original music to be written for your special event, project, product, or performance here.

On this site you can purchase copies of his sheet music for piano, ensembles, orchestra, and chorus.

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Selected Works

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Describe your event, occasion, venue, medium, style or message you wish your music to evoke, express, or function.  You can specify the ensemble size or type, duration the work should ideally be, and budget you have available for commissioning. 

Dr. Tkaczevski is a proven versatile composer with many techniques, styles, and genres at his disposal.

Thank you for your consideration.