WeaverSkyMusic Alejandro Tkaczevski piano composer

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Piano Lessons

Dr. Alex has been teaching children and adults in private piano lessons for over 8 years.  He is currently accepting students in the Peterborough, NH and Manchester, NH areas.  Previously he had a studio in the Buffalo, NY area.  

When learning music and playing an instrument (techniques, music theory, literature, and history), the student develops skills that are easily transferred to other activities: physical coordination, listening skills, and performance experience, language acquisition, analytical thinking, logic and math skills, appreciation of art, physics, culture, and history, mental and physical discipline, goal setting, time management skills, emotional control, spiritual development, and a sense of accomplishment.

Learning and applying these skills helps develop character, social bonds, and memorable experiences.  

smiling Dr. Tkaczevski, with student at the piano

What to expect from a piano music lesson

Every lesson will attempt to cover aspects of traditional musical education:

1. Scales and exercises. These may require concentration at first but the benefits will last a lifetime!  Good hand and body posture are paramount!

2. Musical analysis and theory.  Understanding how a piece is put together helps to enjoy, learn, and memorize a piece.

3. With each piece we will talk about its style, historical context, and significance in the literature.

4. When interpreting a musical work, we express its emotional and spiritual impact through the sounds we make.

5. At least two student recitals will be organized per year.  Students will be prepared to play at each event.

6. Students are expected to follow Studio Policies.  Please read below.

Inquire and Sign Up for Lessons

For beginning students 40-minute lessons are most effective.  As the pianist progresses, we will transition to 60-minute lessons.  Family discounts and lesson packages are available, see menu below.  To inquire about availability please complete the form.  Please provide as much information as possible, including previous musical training.  Thank you very much for your consideration.

You can visit Dr. Tkaczevski's ThumbTack Profile showing reviews of past students www.thumbtack.com/biz/weaver-sky-music

Lesson Fees & Packages

40-minute Piano Lesson

Standard piano lesson duration for beginning and intermediate students. (Four lesson minimum)


60-minute Piano Lesson

For advanced students. (Four lesson minimum)


Two 40-minute Introductory Piano Lesson Special

Second lesson is free.  This special can be applied only to the first two lessons with Dr. Tkaczevski.


was $70.00

Enthusiastic Student Special

Sign up for EIGHT 40-minute Piano Lessons in advance, pay for SEVEN!


was $280.00

Dedicated Student Special

Sign up for TWELVE 40-minute Piano Lessons in advance, pay for TEN!


was $420.00

Studio Policies

Students can expect to be treated fairly and with respect.  Students are expected to behave respectfully and work diligently. Parents are free to observe lessons.  Although teacher may sometimes touch the hands or back of the student as part of the training, mutual standard non-harassment standards apply.

Lessons are expected to start on time.  Please contact the teacher if tardiness will exceed 5 minutes.  In case of cancellation, please contact 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson. Lessons fees will apply for no-shows or if lesson is cancelled less than 24-hours prior.  Exception will be made for illness or other emergency unforeseen circumstances. 

Payment is expected in advance of at least four lessons.  Lesson credit is applied in case of holidays, vacations, or scheduled absence. Package deals can be applied as family discounts.  Thank you very much.

Find Dr. Tkaczevski's listing for Piano Lessons  at PianoTeachersDirectory.org for Greenfield, New Hampshire.